How To Use Your Weekend To Get Energized

It seems as though when it comes to the weekend, there’s never enough time to get everything done, all while resting and getting energized for the week ahead. Between going to the big party you’ve been hearing about all week, finishing up that term paper, and actually getting some restful sleep, having it all during the weekend just doesn’t seem like a possibility. We think that you’re like Liz Lemon; we think you can have it all. And here’s how:

Wake up early(ish).

We’re not telling you to set your 6 a.m. alarm or anything, but we do think you should get up around the same time as you do during the week. Switching up your sleep patterns too much make for a rough start of the week. So the #weekendgoals of waking up at noon? Probably not the best thing to energize your body.

Get active.

We know all you want to do during your weekend is chill out in front of the TV, but making sure you get out there and do something is an awesome way to get the blood moving. This will get you energized to get some homework done, and make for a more restful sleep when you do eventually head to bed. Go to the park and throw a Frisbee around with your friends, or take a nice nature walk to get up off or your thang.

Schedule homework time.

We’re big believers in work-life balance, but we all know that weekends are vital for getting stuff done. An awesome way to make sure you’re working (but not too hard) is to schedule your work time. Tell yourself that you’re doing homework from noon until three to make work time more manageable and more efficient.

Have three good meals.

We know the weekends can be defined by the crappy food you order after going out on a Saturday night, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Promise yourself three good meals (maybe one breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner) that’s nice and healthy. You are what you eat, so you should be using your weekends to eat well to set yourself up for a great week ahead.