Spire & Co Loves Love Your Melon

If there's anything Spire & Co loves in this world, it's businesses started by college students that also help others. If there's anything else Spire & Co loves in this world, it's cute and comfy hats.  So basically, we really love Love Your Melon. l2yAM_Z-xolgdU2an2lGSVuuJT_ytao_xl_sGmj25rE,qWY6vbcyaD7Mev9iQc8VTd-b4gKkm3o7XDN7UFw5es4

Started in 2012 by two (now former) sophomores in college, Zach and Brian, Love Your Melon has one simple idea: to put hats on the heads of children with cancer. They decided they were going to do it using a one-for-one business plan, meaning that for every hat they sold, one would go to a child with cancer. The goal was to donate a hat to every child battling cancer in America--45,000. This goal was hit as of April 2015 and a new business model was adopted: While 15,000 hats will be reserved a year for new childhood cancer diagnoses, 50% of net proceeds on every product sold will be donated to two partners. The first is the Pinky Swear Foundation, providing immediate support for families with children battling cancer, and the second is CureSearch, which funds pediatric cancer research.


Even though the duo are out of college now, they still utilize the power of students by having brand ambassadors. Unlike most holding this position, Love Your Melon's brand ambassadors don't sell a product--they promote a mission and dress up in superhero costumes while delivering hats to children's hospitals. Not a bad job, right?


As of September, over 65,000 hats have been provided to children in need. Mind you, these are hats that are made entirely in the United States and are soft enough for cancer patients to tolerate with bald scalps. And the opportunities for wear? Endless. Love Your Melon is Spire & Co approved, through and through.