What Food To Buy Someone (Besides Chocolate)

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and the store shelves lined with chocolate hearts and molds of chocolate roses; chocolate seems like the perfect gift to get your special someone. Instead of getting your significant other sugar filled chocolates in shiny wrappers, there are plenty of other (healthier) options that will be just as romantic (and delicious.) These are only a few ideas that are sure to win you brownie points (maybe your Valentine will even share with you.) Wine Sampler

Most everyone loves their wine and with that being said, wine lovers tend to enjoy trying new wines. Give your Valentine the gift of a wine sampler. They’ll adore the idea and adore you more. TastingRoom.com has wine samplers starting at $24.95 and on up.

Snack Box

Give the gift of a snack box subscription. Whether they’re snacks for a hike or snacks to watch the new Rom Com the two of you rented, snacks are always necessary. Companies like NatureBox allow you to sign up for a subscription for box deliveries. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Food of the Month Club

For your foodie significant other, a food of the month club subscription will be the perfect way to their heart. Food of the Month Club sends five pounds of exotic fruit every month for the duration of your subscription. You can sign up here and choose from four paid in full options.

Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is the nectar that keeps your day going. And if you love your coffee odds are your significant other does as well. Gift them a basket filled with different coffees from all over the world. Different coffees can be found at your everyday grocery store or for a larger, more exotic collection, head to your local Whole Foods for even more options.

Bacon Roses

Bacon is deemed to be “ok” in the health community. It contains oils that are said to be heart healthy. Try a Pinterest tutorial on how to make bacon roses and gift your Valentine with a dozen roses they’ll enjoy much more than chocolate.

Kombucha Home Brew Kit

If your Valentine is a little more health obsessed than your everyday health nut, try a home brew kombucha kit. The kit will help them save money by letting them make their own drink and they’ll feel accomplished after learning the art of kombucha brewing. You can find them at places like KombuchaBrooklyn.com.