What to Do When You Hate Your Job

It's more than likely that you work a job (or have worked a job). And as any working person may tell you, you have probably had a job that you really did not like. Personally, I think it is a natural part of life to have a love-hate relationship with your job. However, there are some things you can do to lessen the hate and get back to enjoying that 9-5.

1. Figure out what you actually dislike about your job.

It's hard to fix your lamp if you don't know which part is broken, metaphorically speaking. So, you must start there. Do you not like the climate in your office? Do you feel micro-managed? Are you just burnt out? You have to find that one thing that keeps pricking you in the spine about your job so you can stop feeling this blind frustration.

2. Try to mitigate your problems.

Nothing in this life is really set in stone, so you can always do something to make your job feel better for you. If your office feels too dreary, try decorating your cubicle so your space feels a little brighter. Maybe talk to HR about doing some team-building. If it's an issue with your boss, you may need to have a conversation about your comfort level. (Note: this is probably not going to be a fun conversation, but just be respectful and authentic.) If you are just feeling really down about yourself, check your expectations about what you think you need to be doing.

3. Check yourself.

As I said above, check your personal expectations. Most times we believe that we should be doing x, y, and z and beat ourselves up when those things aren't even required of us. So make sure that you aren't making life harder for yourself by making your expectations unreachable.

4. Take advantage of evaluations.

Evaluations can be a great way to professionally vent some of your frustrations and recommend feedback about areas you think could benefit from some improvement. Once again, remember to be respectful, but stand your ground. You have skin in this game and you are allowed to express problems you have.

5. Last resort: wave goodbye.

After you've done all you can, and nothing has changed, start looking into your option to leave. You were not made for a life at a miserable job. You should be happy, or at least content, with what you do. Now, obviously you can't quit for every single little problem and you might have to stick it out for a little bit longer than is ideal, but please know that there is always another option out there.

Jobs are a part of life, but you have some autonomy about your work environment and your mental health. Make sure that you are putting yourself first and are doing what you can to make a cloudy situation a bit brighter.