What Your Fitness Choice Says About You

Have you ever stopped to think about what your workout style says about you? Some people are into running and fun cardio styles, others are into bodybuilding, while others prefer dance classes and group exercise to solo workouts. Your workout style may just communicate particular personality traits. So you’re into running…

Running is the way that you clear your head. It’s the way you get your mind ready to take on the tasks of the day and the way that you pump yourself up for the weekend. Your idea of fun is signing up for a 10k of half marathon every other weekend. It’s more about the pure bliss you get from the wind in your hair and the pavement under your feet than the bling and t-shirts each race gives you. You run because it frees your spirit and in the time you are running you are free of worry and can ignore all responsibility if only for a short while.

Zumba is where your heart is!

Your idea of a workout is dancing your heart out during the hour long Zumba class your local gym puts on three times a week. It’s the only time you can let your hair down and your wild side out. Maybe you have a job that requires you to be on your A game all the time and this is the only time you can let loose. It’s a time when no one judges your basic moves and the fact that you’re a few beats off. You have fun with it. And afterwards, your hair goes back up into a bun and you are back on your A game until the next round of Zumba.

Lifting is what you live for.

Your favorite phrase is “strong instead of skinny.” You’ve found yourself while learning to lift weights and learn more about yourself through every new personal record and max out. The new muscle gains you find when you look in the mirror are your proudest accomplishments and if a partner can’t handle you in the gym at your max rep, they can’t handle you outside of the gym.

Did someone say SoulCycle?

SoulCycle is your favorite activity of the week. It’s like your own personal getaway with plenty of other fabulous people. It’s a place where sweat has never felt so good and pain has never been more pleasurable. You look forward to the spin of that bike and the camaraderie that goes along with the people spinning alongside you in class. It’s like new friendships are an automatic plus when you join a new class. You look forward to tightening your ponytail and getting to work no matter what time of day it is.

Swimming is good for the soul!

You’re a different breed. Your spirit creature is a mermaid; regardless of what anyone else tells you. If it was up to you class and work would be held in the water because that’s where you thrive. When you’re not out with friends or sitting at work or in class, you can be found at the gym pool doing laps and flipping around.