When I Was in High School I Made the Most of Senior Year

smart-girls-school With the beginning of September comes the start of another school year, and the last year of high school for many. Senior year is a memorable year, but also one filled with many emotions. Stress is high when applying to college and figuring out where you will be spending the next four years of your life, and it can be sad to think that you have have one more year with your hometown friends. But, with these tips, you will be able to make the most of your senior year and have the most amazing year yet.

Get Involved

Before you know it, you will be walking across the stage getting your diploma and your time in high school will come to a close. Even if you're ready to move on and start the next chapter of your life, be as involved as you can your last year in high school. You don’t want to look back and regret all the things that you should've done and didn’t. This is the year to join clubs  that you are interested in, show your school spirit at sports games and cheer on your classmates in the school play. Don’t feel like you are too cool for school events. Grab a group of friends and go have fun making the most of these moments.



Take pictures... Lots of them

Whether you're cheering the football team to victory or just having a night in  with your friends, taking pictures is a great way to remember all the great times you had this year. Not only will you be able to look back throughout your year to see all the fun things you did, but also they will be a great reminder of home when you go off to college. Another fun way to preserve your senior year memories is to write down your favorite memories or funny moments spent with friends. At the end of the year you can read them and look back on what a great year you had. Taking pictures or writing down fun times is a great thing to be able to look back on when you are feeling nostalgic or to take with you to college with you as a piece of home.

Spend Time With Family and Friends

One of the most important things to do in senior year is to spend as much time as possible with your family and friends. Most high school students are used to being able to see their friends daily in school and being able to go home and see their families every day. Spend time with your parents and siblings and hang out with friends  as much as you can. Take advantage of this now, because next year there will be miles in between you instead of minutes.


Keep Your Grades Up

Although senior year should be a lot of fun, keeping your grades up is also incredibly important. Be sure to make time for your academics and beware of letting senioritis get the best of you. Colleges, even after you have been accepted, will still keep an eye on your grades and you don’t want to have your slacking off cause a problem.

Live in the Moment

As a senior, it’s easy to get caught up with the excitement that is college. You are so close to living away from home (something that most of you will be doing for the first time), being independent, meeting new friends and just starting over. While you should be excited for what is coming next, don’t forget to live in the moment. Enjoy every minute of your senior year and being home, because everything will change next year and you don’t want to look back on senior year and regret not taking advantage of everything that was offered to you.