Why Everyone Should Start A Blog

You see them all over your Facebook newsfeed – a friend with a blog here, a friend with a blog there. What is with this huge blogging craze? Why does it seem like everyone but you has one? Aren’t blogs just supposed to be for that angsty emo kid in high school? Not anymore, my friend, not anymore. Blogs are getting huge because their role in helping you get ahead is huge. Don’t believe us? Here a just a few of the reasons why you should start a blog, like, right now:

They’re a place to keep all of your work on the Internet.

Blogs are kind of no-brainers for people who want careers in writing. Seriously, if you want to be a writer/journalist/poet/editor/anything with words, finish reading this article and then go make your own blog. If nothing else, your blog can serve as a place to store all of your creative work for potential employers to see.

Even if you’re not looking for a career in a creative field, your blog can be a great place to showcase your work. Headed toward a career in sales? Create different posts detailing your various pitches. Want to be an engineer? Make different pages for the different projects you’ve completed. When you think of your blog as an extension of your resume, the sky really is the limit for what you can do.

They showcase passions. 

So maybe you don’t want your blog to be a portfolio. Maybe you’re an engineering student who also happens to be super passionate about fashion. Blogging is still so for you.

Blogs are really cool because they can be about anything you want, and therefore are the perfect places to show the world that you’re passionate about something. And isn’t there no more attractive quality than passion? Let your blog be your home for your passion. If nothing else, it can serve as a creative outlet, an escape from your day-to-day responsibilities where you can just be who you want to be.

They show entrepreneurship.

How cool is it to say that you have your own personal domain on the Internet? Walking around saying that you have your own website not only gets you street cred with your friends, but it shows potential employers serious initiative and entrepreneurship.

Running your own website is a little bit like running a business, even if you don’t plan on profiting from it. It shows that you can keep up with a calendar of posts, are in tune with a product you’re pitching to readers, and shows a creative side. No matter what kind of career you’re looking into, those are all really great qualities to have on display.

They’re networking opportunities.

Super-huge blog perk alert: you make friends! The people you meet through blogging (by commenting on each other’s posts and social media) can become super close friends, which is always so fun. You can also meet some people who do some pretty incredible things with their lives.

We’re not saying you should use other people for your own purposes, but you can definitely view the blogger community as a job networking opportunity. If you happen to befriend someone who has an in at a company you’re interested in, being blog friends is a pretty sweet way to make a connection.

They’re a source of that cash money flow.

Don’t get too excited; very rarely does a blogger make so much money that they can afford to quit their day job. Just like most online publications, bloggers who make money depend on advertisers and paid sponsorship opportunities, and neither of those really doll in huge amounts of cash.

That said, it is true that bloggers get some sweet benefits, like making money on online social media campaigns or through free samples. While getting paid shouldn’t necessarily be your first reason you start a blog (it’ll take time and a lot of hard work to get to the point of being paid), the swag is definitely a nice perk to having a blog.