Why You Need To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

For the most part, we all know the importance of taking our makeup off before bed to reduce breakouts and acne, but fewer people realize the importance of using caution when putting their makeup on. As a matter of fact, using dirty brushes to apply makeup to your face could cause things to happen that are even worse than the breakouts you'd see the morning you wake up with a full face of makeup and mascara smudged across your pillow. I know. Few things seem as bad as a breakout you could have avoided but, trust me, there are worse things. Actually, there are quite a few of them. Forgetting to take off your makeup is one thing, but using dirty brushes on your face is another. This too can cause terrible breakouts and because germs fester within the soft bristles of a makeup brush (and holes of makeup sponges), it can also cause staph infections and pink eye. Yikes.

As if the nightmare couldn't get worse, these greasy bristles could even lead to more serious beauty mishaps like clogged pores, increased proneness to wrinkles, and inflammation/puffiness. But please, don't freak out! There is hope and it does not require you to purchase a new brush set every time you apply your face.

While many people find it easiest to put their brushes in the $159 Lilumia machine so they are clean in 5 minutes, I prefer LaurenConrad.com's much less expensive method of using a small bowl of water and a little baby soap to clean your contaminated makeup applicators. Whatever your method, the key is to keep your makeup brushes clean to avoid these skin nightmares.