Why You Should Consider Volunteering Abroad


It’s no secret that volunteering can not only bolster your resume, but also enrich your life in a way that few other things can. The experience that comes with giving of your time to a cause greater than yourself is unmeasurable. And there are a host of opportunities in your own backyard, however, what if you could see the world through volunteering? Globe-trotting can be expensive and seem nearly impossible as a college student. And yet your college years can be some of the best to experience the world. So, is there a way to explore without breaking the bank? Yes, volunteering abroad.

See the world.

I’ve always felt drawn to Italy, and knew that at some point in my life I would go. What I didn’t think was that I would get the opportunity to practically live there, twice. I had the ability explore the Piemonte region of Italy, experience the culture and heavenly cuisine, for next to nothing. How? Volunteer teaching with the World Education Program, or WEP. Don’t think teaching is your thing? There are also programs like WWOOF that place you as a volunteer on an organic farm, and projects like GoEco. In most cases, all you will have to pay for is transportation to the country you are volunteering in, as well as Visa/Passport costs.

Something for everyone.

The beauty of volunteering, is the amount of variety in opportunities. There is truly something for every skill set and interest. With teaching programs like the one I participated in, in Italy, you are not required to have a TEFL–the certification to teach English in a foreign country. There are opportunities for animal lovers in farm sanctuaries across the globe, and preservation projects for those looking to make a difference in an eco-friendly way. In most cases you don’t need a degree or a wealth of experience, just an attitude to serve and share your talents.

Beyond a vacation.

Yes, there is something to be said for simply taking a nice, relaxing vacation, but think of this as the next level usage of your extra time. Not only are you able to enrich your soul through world travel and the experience that comes with living within another culture, but you are also giving back and changing lives. Maybe you need something to boost your resume, but you also really want to go on a nice, sunny vacation, this is your way of doing both. Leave a legacy of giving and come back with so much more than a suntan.