10 Winter Trends You Already Have In Your Closet

It's not always easy trying to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Especially when you keep refreshing your bank account hoping the dollar amount will magically increase even though you have an unpaid internship or most of your paycheck goes right to your savings. But, there's hope. Inside each one of your closets is, hopefully, at least one of the following items (or some rendition of the sort)— all of which are trending this holiday season. So here's to not having to splurge on anything in order to stay in style and to crossing things off your holiday wishlist without even getting anything new yet. Fur

And by fur, I mean faux fur. It's in. Everyone is wearing it and if it's in your closet, you should too! Have a full faux fur (say that ten times fast) vest? Wear it! Have a coat with a faux fur collar? Don't hesitate... this is your time to shine!


Plaid is incredible because it's a pattern you can put on just about everything and expect to look incredible. Whether you're rocking a plaid shirt, skirt, dress, coat, scarf, or even shoesyou'll feel flawless.


While all booties are adorable, I tend to go for those with a tiny heel to add height and lengthen my short legs. But, regardless of the height of the heel, booties are easy to pair with dresses and skirts so you look polished yet ready to take on the cold.

Over-the-Knee Boots

Not into booties? Go for the over-the-knee look. It's dramatic. And— if you're wearing them with jeans, it'll keep you from having to re-tuck your pants in all day so your holiday socks don't show without your permission.

Big Scarves

When it's cold this is one thing you can count on me wearing. I don't care what it is I pair it with, I will throw on a ginormous scarf to look effortlessly fashionable. Some people tend to think scarves mean laziness but when paired with a cute pair of boots or a dress, you'll make the comfy look work.


I'm ecstatic that turtlenecks have made a comeback mostly because I love keeping my neck covered in the cold and if I'm trying to switch it up and not constantly wear that fuzzy blanket scarf, I want to have an alternative.

Denim Button-Downs

Denim button-downs are always a must. They don't have to be expensive to look great and they're also extremely comfy. Add some jewelry to spice things up and you'll go from drab to fab in no time (I hate that I wrote that).

Bows and Buttons

Not hair bows, although those might be in too. But bows on dresses, skirts, and even blouses. Not a fan of bows? Buttons are in too! Skirts with buttons down the front or dresses with buttons add a punch of excitement to even the simplest outfits.


These little purses come in clutch when you don't want to carry around a Mary Poppins-size bag to throw out your back but also need a little something in which to keep your stuff. Carrying a clutch will certainly make you look stylish and will also prove to be extremely handy.


Suede anything. Suede dresses, suede skirts, suede bags. You name it— just do it.