Inspiring self-discovery. Empowering aspirations. Celebrating you.

Spire & Co is a lifestyle website that inspires self-discovery, empowers aspirations, and celebrates you.


Our Promises

We promise to always see you as your best self.

We promise we won’t tell you how to live. Instead, we’ll cheer you on in defining that for yourself.

We’ll always strive to give you the inspiration and information to live the life you want.

We’ll never define achievement–that’s for you to uncover.

We’ll honor the journey of self discovery, and its many peaks and valleys.

We’ll stick to real stories of real women and celebrate them.

We’ll encourage you to own your worth.

We’ll celebrate what makes you remarkable and complex.

We’ll lead with compassion, for ourselves and our fellow Spire women.

We’ll celebrate and champion creations by women.

We’ll challenge you to become more of who you are.

We will help you breathe easier as you climb the summits of your life.


Our Story


I was a senior in high school when my sister Sophie was starting her freshman year. I wanted to pass along some of the lessons I learned, in hopes she could breathe a little bit easier as she went through a chapter of life that can often feel extremely stressful. With that in mind, I wrote her a book.

That little field guide was the launching pad to a bigger idea: Why not start a magazine that would celebrate ambitious young women that was rooted in those same uplifting, inspiring conversations?

On January 1, 2012, Spire & Co was born. We chose the name "spire" because it means to breathe easier and the highest peak on a summit. Our hope has always been to create and curate content and conversations that inspire driven young women to embrace who they are and pursue their greatest aspirations. We truly believe that in doing so, we can cultivate a community of women who are catalysts to positive transformation in the world around them. 

Spire & Co started as a small, 20-page, digital magazine, written by nine girls, covering uplifting lifestyle content from spirit to style. Six years later, Spire & Co continues its intention to inspire self-discovery, empower ambitions, and celebrate young women through our daily editorial content, weekly Energy Email newsletter, community chapters, and our Spire Stacks bookstore. 

Emily Raleigh, Founder of Spire & Co



Our Content

We proudly serve young women who are hungry for soulful content, and we fearlessly dive below the surface to uncover what it truly takes to define who you are and create the life you want.

We also know that when it comes to personal growth, no topic is off-limits, which is why we discuss everything from spirit and style to finance and fitness, always with the Spire & Co woman in mind. All of our content is written with the strongest of intentions and the deepest desire to be of service. We focus on creating digital conversations for the soul, so we can pinky promise that you’ll never find noise on this little corner of the internet.

Around here, we like to call ourselves an online sanctuary and we take that pretty seriously.

Our Chapters


Spire Circles brings the signature Spire & Co message of empowering aspirations into the live setting. Whether it's a group of women who gather in a dorm, office, or apartment, Spire Circles fulfill each community's unique set of needs while following a universal, uplifting structure developed by Spire & Co.  

For more information on Spire Circles, please contact us here. We accept applications on a rolling basis and circles are open to all ages.

About the Founder

Emily Raleigh started Spire & Co at 17 years old from her kitchen counter. 

Since 2012, she and Spire & Co have been awarded the 2013 Kenneth Cole AWEARNESS Grant; 2014 Camp Campbell Competition, led by Campbell's Soup Co. CEO, Denise Morrison; 2014 Young Entrepreneurs Challenge, led by Capital One Bank, Sprint, and Front Street; and the 2016 Kenneth Cole Alumni Grant. Spire & Co and Emily have been featured in Marie Claire, Entrepreneur, Forbes, USA TODAY, Fox Business, MTV, among others.

Emily is a recent graduate of Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, where she studied marketing, media management, and digital design. 

You can follow Emily at @emilyeraleigh.


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